Why this blog?

It’s very important for children at any age to work on amazing topics. They are going to be motivated easily and also they sure will learn important facts about curriculum.

Alice in Wonderland is a famous story that has inspired lots of performances, including plays, operas, ballets, movies and traditional pantomimes. 
Primary ELF children know Alice because of the famous movie but it isn't enough. In my opinion, it's worthy to work Lewis Carroll's famous book in our English lessons using the resources that the famous story offers to us. 
So, I decided to plan a project for primary EFL students to follow my goals and create a blog showing the reader, whoever you are, some of those activities that develop imagination, motivation and surprise. These are just some ingredients to make my lessons delicious!

For ending, let me say that all the images and some resources on this site are used for educational purposes only. If you find an image and/or material that you think I shouldn’t have used, please tell me so that I can delete it asap. Thank you!